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Internet old school Underground

- DRAFT with uncompleted content -

Content in Internet is fast growing but unfortunatley also a fast dying thing. So I think it is important to rescue some info before that the time destroy any proof of that times.

A time for personal pages
The years of the BBS and the later beginning of Internet was a time for free minds, learning, experimenting.

 comp.* groups were full of technical information from IT enthusiasts.

In that times most of readers were also writers, same it is still happening with paper fanzines.

A new type of content, far away from the main stream channels, was spreading very fast in the network. There were plenty of webpages full of info about  hacking, phreaking, virus, free
software, cracking, tv decode, cd recording, electronics, programming, etc...

There was some free webpage providers such as: geocities,, fortunecity,

Some interesting webpages of that moment of time (this list is mainly focused in Spain)

- Serials for games and software. Curious the similar name to the probably biggest internet search engine called Altavista  (in that times)
- Isla tortuga. an article with more info about this web portal
- Viva el jamon y el vino. cracks and hosted in isla tortuga

But social life was not only digital, and BBS and IRC groups were used to schedule physical meeting where people meet.

And since 2000 a yearly Hackmeetings was organized in Spain and this periodic event lasted more than 10 years. (history)

Under (just an page of a IRC channel)

And the game stations come with a recordable storage...

The CDROM opened the door to copies.
And it created a new world based in information and solutions such as burning software,  modification chips and many accessories to enable a personal game station to play no-paid content. (Most times commercial but few times created by community)

Most pages and information disappeared time ago, but there are still few communities which born and grow in that time, such as Elotrolado

apps for small devices (PDA and first smartphones)

Chipconsola (modchips)
small java apps, for Nokias and many other phones brands,
Palm, touch screen apps for PalmOS (PDA and business phones)
Symbian, apps for keyboard devices, and how Nokia got the train to touchscreen too late
winCE, (touchscreen PDAs and latter phones also)

Most pages are closed but C4PDA is still alive and all the information for PalmOS
C4pda PalmOS

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