viernes, 4 de julio de 2014

CA Clarity related software (BO, CAPA,...)

CAPA (from Oracle UPK)
Player - Version 11.1.0

Compatible ff 3.6.28

BOXI Xcelsius SP6 (from SAP)
-Ms Office installed
-Flashplayer for IE

Tested with:
Office 2007

BO /Infoview
Logs on the BO server

Address for Query Builder

miércoles, 1 de enero de 2014

Welcome to Synzed Lyrics (LRC) (2nd edition)

(Update from an old post from 16/06/08 18:29)

What am i talking about?

An easy definition could be: .lrc files are the subtitles for the music, and looks like .SRT files(video subtitles) are text files with a timestamp before each phrase.

ex. [min:sec.mmm] bla bla bla bla

Note: Some people tags the lyrics in different way (by hand or by software), the players should work with all but could fail if the developer didn't think in that.

Real examples of tags:

[0:34] 1 digit for minute and 2 for seconds

[01:07.037] 2 digit for minutes and 3 for milliseconds

[00:15.38] 2 digits for minutes and 2 for milliseconds ¿wrong?

[1:01.296] 1 digit for minutes and 3 for milliseconds

Minilyrics isn't the same as videosubtitles therefore the millisecond precision is not necessary and any value is correct.

In beginning every line of text has its own time stamp but in the last years, lyrics downloaded from some webs, when a sentence is repeated there are as many time stamps as required at the beginning, and luckily most of players/addons supports this new feature


clean out the bank and bump off your daddy

These timestamps must be syncronized with the music file (ogg, mp3,etc...)

what do I need?

A music player hardware or software, with support for lyrics (a  plugin for your application is a common solution)favourite player, this player can be a hardware or software, some cheap mp3 player support .srt files (I suppose ipod too).

Software for:

XBMC (Karaoke + Cu lyrics addon)
Nightingale (a son of Songbird and based in Firefox) (addon Mlyric)

Winamp, Amarok,..... (some of them need a plugin)

Songbird+scrolling lyric (don't read from local lrc files, download the lyric/minilyric from internet)*

Apple MacOS: XBMC (Karaoke + Cu lyrics addon)

Nokia Maemo: Mediabox (small font and not configurable)

PalmOS: ptlyrics (+Pocket tunes)*

Symbian: LCG Jukebox
Raspberry Pi: XBMC (Karaoke + Cu lyrics addon)
Android: Minilyrics(.lrc + .txt fullscreen)

* include creation of minilyrics (tag time on lyrics)

How/where I can get lyrics?

Lyrics addons:
Minilyrics software. Output: .lrc .txt files
Cu lyrics addon (XBMC). Output: .lrc .txt files
Mlyric addon (Nightingale). Output: id3tag Unsynced tag


or if you want a pack with lrcfiles + mp3 you can search in torrent with "ramones mania"

and one example of lrc file: Bad Religion - Turn on the light

Present and Future

This was quite unknown format, more know in Asia than Europe or America, furthermore it is not very commercial (most of media-players devices doesn't support it as per default) . Maybe Apple will create their own copy and will sell it as a very modern feature...

However, nowadays the lack of support from big companies  is not a so bad  because people made their .lrc files by themselves (is as easy as to edit an lyric text file and add the timestamps) and it is quite easy to find lyric for many bands

viernes, 22 de noviembre de 2013

Clarity functional administration

Clarity direct addresses

Project audit trail
.../niku/nu#action:odf.projectAuditTrailReturn&id= %projectid%
Task audit trail
Licenses per user(there is not a direct menu entry)

Report scheduling with cron

Based in  standard cron format.
Five time parameters separated by "spaces"
Different values for a same parameter are separated by "comma"
* = any value

*    *    *    *    *

min (0 - 59)
hour (0 - 23)
day of month (1 - 31)
month (1 - 12)
day of week (0 - 6) (0 to 6 are Sunday to Saturday, or use names)

Theme for testing


CAPA and versions

Clarity v13.1
CAPA Player - Version 11.1.0 Build
Clarity v13.2
CAPA Player - Version 11.1.0 Build

Prefixes portlets and reports

COP. , from PMO Accelerator (portlets)
CATS. ,  from Best Practises Accelerator (obsolete reports replaced by CSP and portlets by cop)
RPT_PMO_ ,  Obsolete reports from PMO Accelerator (Releases previous to 3.1)
CSP_,  from Clarity Solution Pack (reports and portlets)

viernes, 4 de octubre de 2013

Raspberry Pi - stuff

Raspberry Hardware

 ARM1176JZF-S a 700 MHz (familia ARM11)
3Conector RCA (PAL y NTSC),
HDMI (rev1.3 y 1.4),
61 Interfaz DSI para panel LCD62 63

Spanish Lesson:
Raspberry Pi y GPIO


Most of raspberry images are based in copy files to SD formated in FAT, and during the 1st boot, original partition is dynamically resized  and new partitions are created.

rpix86 is a PC emulator for the Raspberry Pi

 chameleon Pi



  1. Uncompress downloaded file
  2. Identify SD card device (i.e /dev/mmblkxx) (1)
  3. Format/remove partition from SD card. Disks or Fdisk (2)
  4. Applying image to SD
    •  sudo dd if=/path/sd.img of=/dev/mmblkxx (3)
    •  /path/ mounter folder where image is placed
  5. Boot Raspberry with SD
    • (Raspbmc will do some actions over SD, Sucha as partition resizing etc)
  6. (optional) From PC, resize/create partitions
    • (i.e with gparted) (4)
    • Create a fat32 partition
    • Copy multimedia to SD

(1) use Disks, dmesg, ...
(2) if there is problem try with a different card reader, usb to SD adaptor,..
(3) Use dd command or restore image from Disks on GUI, wait because it can take sometime and there is not a progress bar
(4) gparted recommended, but other software could done this action

Username: pi. Password: raspberry

login via ssh
 username: root
 password: root
  username: root
  password: openelec

martes, 6 de agosto de 2013

Retro IT Culture


Best abandon books and webs where to read about the old times of IT

Basic Rules!!

Tecnología Obsoleta:

The probably the best IT books ever published including the best illustrations:

Just DIY:

viernes, 26 de julio de 2013

XML - Editor, Tools,...

XML editing software
Java is not compatible with UTF8 with BOM and XOG is based in Java
so use UTF8 (withoutBOM) or cp1252 aka ANSI

--Ms.Notepad XML 2007
(be careful writes UTF8 with BOM)
   Outline view with XML elements. Able to drag and drop elements from one file to other

--XML Spear 3.1. Good free software! it is possible to select the enconding(even UTF8 with BOM)
   Outline with element, no drag and drop
   Able to open big files (>20MB)  
   Plugin for Clarity

--Eclipse Indigo+WTP
   By default not able to manage big xml files
  Outline view with XML elements, Able to drag and drop elements from one file to other (in different Eclipse windows)

 Eclipse XML Editors and Tools

  it is not an specific editor but it has colour syntax and can be used to compare two files (plugin compare)

  it is not an specific editor but it has colour syntax and can be used to compare two files(Tools, text Differences)

Web services
Create XSD from web:
XSD in Russian Doll Style or Separate Complex Types

!note.  resulting XSD is not proper to map Clarity instances, value is missing.

Flame-Ware Solutions XML-2-XSD v2.0
!note. resulting XSD has xmlns:msdata, not proper to map Clarity

jueves, 11 de julio de 2013

XML- Map data to XML for XOG

XOG-in CSV data to a Clarity custom object

Using Mapforce2013 *
*Mapforce2013Enterprise (rel2sp2) [commercial app]
With installation folder it can be used as a portable app.
Registration is computer dependent (C:\ProgramData\Altova\MapForce2013)

In order to generate a xml to xog-in

  • Add schema file(xsd)
    •   ../xsd/nikuxog_customObjectInstance.xsd
  • Add csv or xslx (xslx better to display column headers)
    •  Config. rows level, "Show separate items for columns"

  • Config at XSD
    •  Attributes content is inside tag ColumnValue
    • Add a duplicate of ColumnValue per each attribute to map
    • map attribute name to "name" element in Schema
    • map content to "text()" element in Schema
  • Map columns and constants to Schema
    •  map Row number to xsd element with iteration (sequence)
    •  map columns to xsd elements

Mapforce mapping

  • Menu: Output, Save Output file, (xml file to xog-in)
  • Edit in xml file to correct local paths, i.e.  xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../xsd/nikuxog_customObjectInstance.xsd"
*Clarity date attribute is in format yyyy-mm-ddT00:00:00 and will be xogout including time but format yyyy-mm-dd is supported for xogin

martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Clarity - partition - lookup and mappings

How to use partitioned values in a static list lookup with attribute mappings

I am writing this short procedure because I think it is quite interesting and I didn't see any document about it. For instance, it can be done with out of the box "Investment Status Indicator"   attribute

Attribute Name: Status Indicator

It is possible to create values associated to partitions from lookup "Values"

However, from object attribute I cannot see the lookupvalues if they are associated to "Mipartition:Partition and descendants"
If we change to "Partition, ancestors and descendants" then we can see them from mappings and map  with colors

with Partition, ancestors and descendants

But now the values are available for non partition views and users. :(
So, We change values to "Mipartition:Partition and descendants"
Now, partitioned values are not available for system views :)
But from partition views, these values are available and can be selected. :)

Note that at the moment from the attribute we can see all the mappings but those two associated to partition values will appear without value associated. It is only a visual effect and in the database they are configured well, in fact if we would reconfig values to "Partition, ancestors and descendants" they automatically will be displayed in mappings list  :)

with Partition and descendants

If you have  an error "HTTP 500 Internal server error"when editing from  Project List whereas same action from a system view works fine. Go to partition views and click Publish (it will restore user view customization).

viernes, 19 de abril de 2013

Clarity XOG - XML

XOG compatibility

Usually XOG version are compatible with Clarity version if there is not changes in the database structure. Differences in .xsd files could mean differences between data in Clarity.

Anyway default version association:
Clarity v.12.1 SP1
i.e. XOG

Clarity v.

Clarity v.13.1.00248
 for example  XOG V12.0.6.5471 could work with a Clarity v.13.0.1, but there is a risk...

XOG WSDL Reference

Testing XOG from Clarity web


XML Open Gateway (XOG)
web service interface that you can use to:
  *Import data
  *Export data
  *Move configuration data from one system to another
to read data from or write data to CA Clarity using XML and web services
GEL tags that can be used with XML for more advanced custom integration tasks
CA Clarity web services use XML messages that follow the SOAP standard.

Writing XML Read File
ANSI/CP1252, UTF8without BOM

Common filters:



Custom Objects
Reading Object definition

Reading contents/instances

Stock objects
Read reference.

Sort results

or when more there is more tahn one element


XOG-out /XOG-in

Between different environments (i.e Project)

  1. XOGout a project
  2. Edit XML to adapt to new enviroment 
    1. Replace Projectid by an id not in use, if attribute is autonumeric, use the next id
  3. Remove all unique tags in a Clarity instance (i.e internalTaskID)
    1. from notepad: find internalTaskID=".*?"
    2. Select "Regular expression"
    3. checkbox ".matches newline"
    4. Count (verify)
    5. Replace  (with nothing)
  4. (Some unique tags like taskID are unique  but the ambit is just the project  )
  5. Check 
    1. resources, if userid is autonumeric could be different between the environments
  6. XOG-in to new environment
Between different environments (i.e User/resources)
  1. XOGOut resources (rsm_resources)
    1. filter by resourceID supports wildcard %
  2. XOGOut Users/accounts (cmn_users)   
    1. filter by userName doesn't supports wildcards, so use criteria="OR" and values separated by comma (without spaces)      
    2. Password not extracted, default password=Niku2000
  3. Edit XML files
  4. --Users: add properties for delete to XML tags
    1. Note: complete and completed/Iscomplete are synonyms      
    2. i.e. complete="true" for (capscase, don't use Uppercase)
    3. supported by: OBSAssocs, Groups, GlobalRights, InstanceRights, InstanceOBSRights, SkillAssocs
    4. i.e. ReplaceAll "Groups" by "Groups complete="true""
  5. --Resources
    1. complete="true" for (optional)
    2. resetCalendar="true" to
    3. (*)additional fields cannot  be reset from XOG such as Booking Manager,Date of Termination, Allocations,....
  6.     XOGIn     
    1. Reset by hand all those attributes which could not be reset by XOG