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Mainly Free games for phones

All the Android Games are compatible v4 JellyBean and BB10

airfighter kill'em all

    org.olgsoft.apipepanic v. 0.18  /data/data/org.olgsoft.apipepanic

Planet Rider
    io.githubfede0d.planetrider v. 1.0

Apple Flinger

Non free

-Pinball Arcade 1.49
A great  exercise of preserving knowledge about many real pinball boards
(asks for Google services but it doesn't require to work)

Blackberry10 native
Breakfast saga

Works superwell with BB physical keyboard

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Chromium browsers as an alternative to Firefox (Opera,..)

Personally, I prefer FF and its amazing XUL add-ins but...

Sometimes it is necessary to use something different

For official Chrome.
1 Disable the crap
     Windows,  Administrative tools, Task scheduler, Updates
(it is scaring to see big companies relying in this services)

For Opera. (a cleaner chrome)
0-Download your prefer version
1- Import Bookmarks
    Settings, Browser, Default browser
2- Add dictionaries
    Settings, Browser, Languages
3- disable updates (add as parameter to a batch file)
    (verify in about)
4- Install extension
     Download Chrome Extension
5- advanced config/experiments (a kind of about:config)

To use Java with Opera, v30 is the last Opera supporting (PPAPI) Pepper Plugin API, the flavor of NPAPI (Netscape Plugin API)
Theoretically v36 recognize NPAPI plugins but they don't work :(


Grab the .nex file and rename it to end in .crx.
Install the best extensions.
-CRX viewer (can view inside crx/nex/xpi files)
-Web Developer
-Violentmonkey (clone of grease monkey)

From chrome shop (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/category/extensions)
-FoxyProxy Standard

For Chromium 
from Chromium open source project

Last version with PPAPI (flavor of NPAPI) (requires chrome://flags/#enable-npapi)
Chromium build 45.0.2416.0-win32

Differences Firefox/Chromium

  • Developer tools, Network
in Chrome by default the log is not accumulative, so
Developer tools, Network, check "Preserve log"

  • add-on extension
.xpi (renamed .zip with XUL) vs .crx(Chrome) .nex (Opera)

Web containing crx files:

Internal information/configuration 
 (proxy, export, events,...)
chrome://flags/    (similar to about:config)
chrome://about (in Chromium, list of chrome:// URLs)

opera://config  (config tab)


martes, 27 de diciembre de 2016

Internet old school Underground

- DRAFT with uncompleted content -

Content in Internet is fast growing but unfortunatley also a fast dying thing. So I think it is important to rescue some info before that the time destroy any proof of that times.

A time for personal pages
The years of the BBS and the later beginning of Internet was a time for free minds, learning, experimenting.

 comp.* groups were full of technical information from IT enthusiasts.

In that times most of readers were also writers, same it is still happening with paper fanzines.

A new type of content, far away from the main stream channels, was spreading very fast in the network. There were plenty of webpages full of info about  hacking, phreaking, virus, free
software, cracking, tv decode, cd recording, electronics, programming, etc...

The beginning of the Internet and the personal pages
There were some free webpage providers such as: geocities, terra.es, fortunecity, personales.com
and many people trying to share content and let his footprint there

Some interesting webpages of that moment of time (this list is mainly focused in Spain)

- Astalavista.box.sk. Serials for games and software. Curious the similar name to the probably biggest internet search engine called Altavista  (in that times)
- Isla tortuga. an article with more info about this web portal
- Viva el jamon y el vino. cracks and hosted in isla tortuga

But social life was not only digital, and BBS and IRC groups were used to schedule physical meeting where people meet.

And since 2000 a yearly Hackmeetings was organized in Spain and this periodic event lasted more than 10 years. (history)

Under (just an page of a IRC channel)

And the game stations come with a recordable storage...

Chipconsola (modchips)
The CDROM opened the door to personal copies.
And it created a new world based in information and solutions such as burning software,  modification chips and many accessories to enable a personal game station to play no-paid content. (Most times commercial but also some times created by community)

Most pages and information disappeared time ago, but there are still few communities which born and grow in that time, such as Elotrolado

Small devices scene (PDA and first smartphones)

C4pda PalmOS
small java apps, for Nokias and many other phones brands,
Palm, touch screen apps for PalmOS (PDA and business phones)
Symbian, apps for keyboard devices, and how Nokia got the train to touchscreen too late
winCE, (touchscreen PDAs and latter phones also)

Most pages are closed but C4PDA is still alive and all the information for PalmOS

And the underground became very popular (@rroba printed magazine)

During several years any spanish newspaper shop was selling the @arroba magazine, which  includes contents like  hacking, cracking, virus, privacy, opensource, alternative computer scenes,  such as amiga or MSX....

And Linux become cool and easy

As Linux and opensource become very popular, many IT enthusiasts moved to Linux and th amount of information about linux became huge.

Plenty of personal webpages, a linux group per city, forums, chats....

jueves, 13 de octubre de 2016

Best practices with Firefox, Palemoon, Waterfox and other FF flavours

This is a just a compilation of tricks or knowledge that i consider important for a daily user of a web browser

Browsers core and user agents:

Menu Bar, old school looking and plenty of options.

I suppose that FF copied this shitty idea from IE or Chrome, at least in FF you can get rid of this.
Displaying the menu bar, not only you will have quick access to many useful functions but also you will show that you are a poweruser ;)

In Waterfox: Menu Bar, + Customize, Titlebar

Execute the 32bits version (Portable FF)
Portable version includes the option of using the 64 or 32bits version.
By default you will execute FF with FirefoxPortable.exe and it will use the 64bits version for your 64bit OS, but sometimes we can be interested in executing the 32 bits because it can be compatible with some plugins, java, etc.

Go directly to the folder with the executable


Note that when using above executables,  addons and configuration are stored in different folders than the default ones and  used by FirefoxPortable.exe

Access to technical information


Override Useragent for an specific webpage
entry: general.useragent.override.myURL
string: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; rv:45.9) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/45.9

Beside the more famous about:config, we also have:


to identify your FF version and 32/64bits, check "User Agent " and notice that:
Win64; x64 =64bits
WOW64=32bits (WoW64=Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit) is a subsystem of the Windows operating system capable of running 32-bit applications.

Includes installed extensions (name, version, ID)

Browser info in files:
application.ini file.
Contains: Browser ID, version, Gecko or Goanna (min and max version)

Moving Configuration to another browser or profile

Portable Palemoon stores addons/extension and configuration in the folder "/User"
Just copying the complete folder or even specific extensions to another browser, another profile, restarting the browser and you will have the desired data ;)

PM portable -Default profile

Waterfox portable -Default profile

Basilisk -Default profile
 C:\Users\bloglon_user\AppData\Roaming\Moonchild Productions\Basilisk\Profiles\xxx.default\

a possible candidate folder ;)

Profile folder compatibility between Browser and versions:

Some errors but most extensions compatible from  Palemoon 27.5.1 to Waterfox 55.2.2
-error with specific PM extensions.
   error with PM "Addons Memory Usage - Intika MoD"
-some config pointing to PM folders
   Detect from about:config, searching palemoon word

Stored Passwords:
Are stored in sqlite and json:

To recreate json file from sqlite:  about:config, signon.importedFromSqlite, reset

Using multiple profiles:
Addon: ProfileSwitcher

Some Interesting files:
prefs.js  . Same or similar data than available from about:config
Palemoon-Portable.ini ( contain command line parameters,  profiles, paths....)

Installing extension theoretically not compatible

Main concepts:

  • It is risky, and it will work only when browser is compatible in the practice but the developer was too much restrictive.
  • Each FF web browser as a unique identifier such as:
    • Firefox {ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}
    • Palemoon {8de7fcbb-c55c-4fbe-bfc5-fc555c87dbc4}
    • Sea Monkey{92650c4d-4b8e-4d2a-b7eb-24ecf4f6b63a}
    • Waterfox  {ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384}
(extract from application.ini)

Note that for Palemoon compatibility; from addons.mozilla.org(AMO) it is recognized as:

Palemoon 26.4  as a FF 24.9
Palemoon 27.3  as a FF 27.9
Waterfox  55.2.2 as a [FF/Gecko] 55.2.2

Browser identification can be configured for specific URL
From: "about:config" page , add a key general.useragent.override.myurl
i.e. general.useragent.override.facebook.com

Download a xpi file

From version Information, we list all the versions of this extension, then clicking on "Add to firefox" button we can obtain the link to the file.

We can download with right button and "Saved Link As" or even pasting the link in other webbrowser.

Edit a non compatible xpi extension

it will save a  .xpi file (it is just a renamed zip file)
rename the .xpi to .zip (7zip can extract directly from xpi)
Extract to content to a folder

contains extension identification and compatibility checks

contains technical configuration which can be common for all browser and version or can be  customized per each different web browser or version

Edit install.rdf 
to include a different version
modify min or max version

to add Palemoon


Edit chrome.manifest

  • Removing application part will apply to any
    • .ie. application={ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384} 

  • adding a new line with missing identifier (i.e Palemoon)
  • Modify appversion to apply to out browser
    • appversion>=12

lunes, 16 de mayo de 2016

CA Clarity Server Administration (OS, Tomcat, Java, pages)

Linux/batch Commands

CA Clarity PPM Commands:

#admin tower (before it was called nikuadmin)

# service status all
# service start/stop x/all
(requires Java path)

#./servicebg start

Standard UNIX commands

#ps -F -C java >/home/miuser/procesos_java.txt
# top -b -d 1 -p $(pgrep -u clarity -d',') -n 5  
(top will display info only for those IDs received from pgrep, 
-u user -d delimiter)

Clarity services and execution 


Internal configuration files (filled with parameters from NSA):

serviceapp  launch son process  java -Dcom.niku.union.serviceId=app
launch son process  java -Dcom..niku.union.serviceId=bg


Java/Apache Tomcat (jvmParameters)

Internal pages/jobs,... customization


XBL/PMD job/report executable

(format xml )

META-INF\projmgr\pmd\projectPurgePMD.xml (include update queries)


XOG Client
   pageaction id=”xog.client”


XQL files 
XML files with queries

cmn_users_write.xql (niku2000 pwd)

miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

Firefox - Add-ons / hacking tool (updated)

First of all I am not talking about "hacking" servers, access to weak systems or anything similar, neither discuss about the meanings cracking/hacking.

nice and different firefox logo

Now Firefox has huge potential as tool for the web(using the available Addons), there aren't competitors in this area and the other participants in the internet browsing war: IE, Opera, Chrome or Safari aren't alternatives.

Mini Glossary:
Add-on = Extension
AMO = addons.mozilla.org

The next list has some very interesting tools which add useful features to improve the web use (for me)
Command line (works with portable versions)
Some useful parameters

 -console (start with debugging console open)
 -private-window www.google.com
And many others

Example at CLI: Palemoon-Portable.exe -safe-mode 

Or using a shortcut
Target:  "c:\Portables\WaterfoxPortable\WaterfoxPortable.exe" -safe-mode

Enter in advanced configuration mode:

Force install of not compatible addons:
new boolean

(or use add-on: checkCompatibility)

Execution of multiple Firefox portable at sametime
copy \Other\Source\FirefoxPortable.ini
to root
add AllowMultipleInstances=true

Firefox power user tools/addon

Web developer (too many useful features)
DOM Inspector

View Source Chart
JSView  (see sourcecode from external files .ie included .js)
SQLite Manager (open firefox and songbird/Nightingale databases)

Aardvark (few features for developers but easy and useful to clean webpages before print)
Hacktheweb (improved version of aadvark addon)
Print Edit (remove, select and add break pages before to print)
Mozilla Archive format (save 1 or multiple pages in 1 file, MHT or MAFF format)

//Improve interface
ChromaTabs plus
Showcase (mini image with the tabs)
Table2Clipboard (copy table elements)
ColorfulTabs 29.9
TabGroups Manager revived. (create a parent tab to classify tabs under it)
Form saver
Autofill Forms

Configuration stored in about:config(tabrenamizer.jsonprefs)

Copy/paste to a texte editor
Convert to human readable with Plugin:
(or JSMin, JSFormat)
Modify content
Convert back to a minimalistic text with Plugin:JSMin,JSMin
Copy/paste text in about:config
restart firefox

//Config/Hack Firefox
keyconfig (20080929)
Show the key shortcuts assigned in Firefox, you can search for duplicated (blue background) or change the keys for each addon or function.
[after install access from Tools or Ctrl-Caps-F12]
more info:

SpellCheck 0.3
check the entire web page,
[after install, open from:"Edit, Spell check"]

//Browser tools
Quick Locale Switcher(ver 1.7.8)
User Agent Switcher (to identify FF as other ver/browser
 (XML including browser ids to import in addon)

Firefox throttle (up/down bandwidth)
Extended status bar (Page/kb/speed/load time) v1.5.8
Firebug 1.7.3 (Net tab.  powerful stats /kb/speed/load time per object)
Httpfox 0.8.14 (similar to Firebug/developer tools but network monitor is centralized and keep monitoring when a _blank page is open)
Proxy Selector 1.31  (select different proxy configurations)
Foxyproxy (proxy with multiple functions, configuration file is compatible with Chrome addon)
Sunrise XP (convert to plucker format)

Firebug (Net function)

//Semantic Web
Operator(check web for microformats, RDFa and eRDF and permits interact)
Tails export (show microformats and offer export to standard file formats)

Firefox 12

Fastest Search v2.23 (support regexpr and many options)
Stylish 1.3.2
jSON handle 02.2.1

Compatible with the old Firefox  v3.6.28
Specific addons versions for FF3.6:

  configuration stored in about:config(extensions.clrtabs.dpref)
   configuration stored in about:config(tabrenamizer.jsonprefs)

Firebug 1.7.3 
Firefinder for Firebug 1.1(works with firebug 1.7.3)
TableTools2 1.17View Source Chart 3.05
WebDeveloper 1.2.2
Xpather 1.4.5
DOM Inspector 2.0.14
JSView 2.0.5
SQLite Manager 0.6.8

Remove It Permanently
   configuration stored in \FirefoxPortable\Data\profile\rip_store\config.xml
Hacktheweb 1.3.20 (improved aadvark addon)
Aardvark 3.0
Print Edit 9.0

Palemoon v.26
Light fork of a previous Firefox version (previous to FF v29 and its Australis user interface)

Important info
Palemoon from v25 has not anymore the same GUID than FF

Specific palemoon addons

Addons Memory Usage - Intika MoD
      used through about:addons-memory

lunes, 7 de marzo de 2016

BlackBerry - patching android APK - GMS(Google Maps Services)

Why to do this:
Some apps are using Google Play/Maps services and they requires them to run.
However BB10, not only doesn't include these services  but also cannot be installed from Blackberry World.

Example of successfully  patch apps because its Google maps services (gms) requirements:

-Wikiloc (though this apps uses OpenStreetMaps offlines maps, it requires the gms) 
Transport apps:
  -City mapper
  -Moovit (it work very good without gms services, but few functions requires them)

Definitions and synonyms:
GMS, Google maps services
PS, Play services
GS, Google services
android.vending=Google Play (shop)
apk, file with a full 

In the  Crackberry forums there is plenty of posts and information about the process.

Following instruction are just a simple quick reference.

Installing on Blackberry 
1)  Google maps services (by Cobalt)
Download Cobalt's files (lookup crackberry, or any web searcher)
Copy to BB10, the  apk containing gms, such as com.google.android.gms-8.4.xx-cobalt-buildx.apk
Execute apk file from any file explorer (com.google.android.gms-8.4.xx-cobalt-buildx.apk)

2)(Optional) Blackberry Google ID
Most third party apps don't require of this service, but if your want to use apps from Google you need it.
Besides its main function, which is identifying you BB device with your Google account, it also gives you 2 additional options. From Android settings you have the complete configuration for the Android Runtime.

3)(Optional) Mobile Network/Google Settings
It gives you the function to disable mobile data for Android apps.
Besides previous main function, it also gives you the access to the Android Settings  and from there you have the complete configuration for the Android Runtime.

Patching from PC Desktop
Download and install "Play_services_PS_Patcher-1.4", (it requires JAVA)
Execute, browse, load apk file,
Click on "Analyse APK file" (with default options), Click on "Continue"

Screenshots of patched and working apps

Download fixed/patched apps:

Wikiloc 2.7.8 apk fixed for BB10

(requires GMS service running in the BB10)

By default you cannot the see the maps because default maps are online Google, but an offline map is hundred times in the mountain better for mountain than one requiring a 3G connection.
So from the main menu "Offline maps", download any map (thanks to openstreetmaps community)

Uninstalling Google Services from Blackberry

There are some reason to uninstall these services temporary or definitively, but as it is logic, those patched apps which really require Google services will not work any more ;)

Method1: From Blackberry Google ID, Android Settings, Applications, Google Play services, Uninstall

miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2015

Phone data migration(export/import)

-Contacts from Android to BB10
-Notes from Noteeverything to DejaOffice.

Import contacts from Android

Notes for Kies:
-export to csv (only phone contacts):
field contents between quotation marks, and columns delimited by comma
Too many fields(all) are exported in a fixed order, and the first line the field name in your language
groups in 1st field an delimited by double semicolon
i.e "Group1;;Group2;;Group3"

-export to vcf(only phone contacts). 1 per file (will loss groups and extended information)
content of all vcf file can be joined in a vcf file using the msdos copy command

(only phone contacts). There is no reason to extract google account contacts as they are  in the cloud and there are other methods to do it.

BB Contacts Imp/Exp: requires a first line with headers, and it will map to BB contacts
BB Contacts Imp/Exp

-export to csv: field contents between quotation marks, and columns delimited by comma.
Number and position of fields is variable.

To know field names, you can create a dummy contact with enough information and export it to csv

Fields in the header of a csv file  exported by BB Imp/Exp:


Mapping CSV from Android with "Contacts Imp/Exp" headers from csv file.
Use a good spreadsheet software like Gnumeric or Libreoffice (avoid excel  because it cannot export properly)

Verification after export:
Check that long numbers i.e 420721958625 are not shorten to a form like xxxE+11 (another reason to avoid the use of Ms Excel)
Check numbers that phones beginning with a 0 have it
Check numbers with a country prefix +xx

Steps to convert:

From Kies csv file, remove as many columns as possible, generally normal users don't use more than 10 fields.
Groups: If you have contacts classified by groups, you can associate "Group" column from Android contacts to "OrganizationAffiliation/OrganizationAffiliationName" column in BB
If contacts are associated to multiple groups it, and you want to keep it, it would require more complex steps, before mapping if decide to kept only a group per contact and remove additional.

sábado, 3 de octubre de 2015

Best Software for Blackberry 10 (native and Android)

Natives or based in Android runtime.

Best of native apps/ports:
  Dejaoffice 2.4.5 (ported)
  GhostCommander 1.51
  No Tag Player (folder mp3 player)
  Flashlight Pro
  ContactsIm Ex
  Maxidict (native dictionary, free version only search in a startdict at time)
     (SD in /accounts/1000/removable/sdcard/documents/MaxiDict or any custom folder
  K9 5 (ported)
  Navfree /Navmii (maps based in OSM free maps) (ported)
  Q Browser (based in the BB browser and therefore a webkit flavour)
  LuckyPatcher 5.4.3(ported)

  Google services (patched by Cobalt)

Whatsapp(BB native)

Best (apk) from Android:
   F-Droid 0.96.1
       Media: SD\Android\WhatsApp\Media\WhatsApp Images
   APK Permission Remover 1.3.3 (heagoo.apkpermremover)
   Palemoon 25.8
   Advanced Task killer 2.0.3 (rechild)
   Note everything
   Apk extractor
   MiniLyrics 1.0.18(from apk)
   KeepassDroid 2.0.3
   Applications info 1.5 (from F-droid)
   Amaze (opensource fileexplorer, app backup to apk) 
   Styletap (PalmOS emulator)

  fungipedia lite (mushrooms)

Applications info (from F-droid)
   Wikiloc 2.7.1 (patched - requires Google Maps services)

   City Mapper (patched - requires Google Maps services)

   Triposo (download region info from wikitravel  to read offline, maps doesn't work)

  Genius Maps (Navteq maps)
    (Format map .cpf, .ie.  spain_nt_2016q1_cell.cpf)
  Mireo Dont Panic (tomtom2015)
(Format map .cpf, .ie.  spain_ta_201503_cell.cpf)

Configuring BB10/Software:
Import contacts from .vcf or .csv file using "ContactsIm Ex"
    (clean android contacts with Kies)

Import DejaOffice db  (from android)
   send or copy backup file from Android /clusb
   to device/misc/android/clusb/
   rename or delete companionlink.db (Dejaoffice must be closed)
   rename backup file (companionlink2015-xx-xx).db to companionlink.db

Note everything
  How to install "Note everything" keeping folders/categories (!)
     copy folder /noteeverything/backup from Android to device/misc/android/noteeverything
      install "Note everything" apk, app will detect previous backup in the folder and will ask for a restore

(!)     (Note: addon pro 2.5.1 doesn't work with Blackberry so backup functions cannot be used and expert to textnotes and import losses folder/categories)

    If notes are not classified, following method is OK
       in android "Export textnotes to SD"
      copy folder /noteeverything/text from Android to  device/misc/android/noteeverything
      Import, Mass import from SD-card, choose previous folder

Install Drivers on PC

Connect to PC     
    Access to SD     (to install mass storage drivers)
    Install Drivers    (to install drivers, Link and Blend) go to Computer, cdrom unit (folder .\Drivers)
Backup of BB configuration with Blackberry Link

Issues with:
   Wikiloc (as it need google play services, Accept to download them but it fails)
   Goldendict  pro  (as it need google play services, there is a 10 seconds lag) 

   Sygic 14.3.4 (maps 2014.0x)
    by default resources (storage/sdcard0/Sygic)
   From Android, zip the folder "/storage/sdcard0/Sygic"
   Unzip to: /mnt/sdcard/Sygic


   Here save maps to PC
    on Android, rename folder that is removing dot symbol from beggining of filename in order to do visible the hidden folder
   From PC copy the folder
   on Android, rename previous folder adding the  dot symbol at beggining of filename