jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Fix/Improve PalmOs devices

There are some common failures, and I want to compile them beside the solution which is working for me:

My Centro Plugs

-"Card exporter II" can't connect with PC.
“Cannot send USB descriptor. Host failure”

From a file explorer app like "Resco explorer" o "Filez"

Using "Resco explorer" go to "control panel", folder "Saved Prefs" and delete the file with the following properties:

name: System [pusc,256]
creator: pusc
size: 18bytes

using FileZ
View Preferences, Saved
pusc -none-

(note: the creator could be "pusb" in some versions)

-Rescobackup resets PDA
Some apps running in background crash the function of backup, be careful with mobileWrite and deactivate before start a backup.

-Unofficial ROM Update
If you are tired of frozen state when you receive an incoming call you should update the ROM to have more free memory on RAM.

Search in internet "centro custom ROM" or "Custom ROM centro bl00dfeast"
1. copy all the files in RAM
2. Execute ROMupdater.prc, write "nome" al press "enter/intro" key
3. After 30 sec, the procedure will be finished.
4. hard reset: remove battery, pressing power button, plug the battery again
5. Ask the question about format with "yes" and chose a language

You could add two steps, if you have important information:
0. Backup the system with RescoBackup or Nvbackup to a file in SDcard
6. Execute RescoBackup or Nvbackup and restore the file with backup

**Clean/Purge Personal data
And if you want to clone for a friend, sell or only remove your personal data...

Remove from RAM, using a rescoexplorer or Filez,

Using app interface:
-Calls, purge
-SMS , purge, all
-SnapperEmail, folder, Purge

**Increase Free RAM
Install "Linkstart" software, this app allows "the transparent" movement of Apps from RAM to SD. Recommendable for big apps which requires to be executed from RAM.

My moved apps:
WorldMate Pro


-Palm power connector. This isn't a standard or common connector in the street, therefore if you are prudent user you are interested in have plan B just in case.
A Palm Centro can be charged with the same voltage and strength than Nokia or other more common phones, or even with the standard USB output. (see the above image).

-PC USB doesn't recognize the device
Clean the metal contact on palm connector

-No sound output over speaker.
Try to plug the earphones, and listen on them, unplug the earphones and probably the sound will not go out by speakers.

Today the power/sound female connectors for solder on boards, have the normal pins and one additional pin to detect when the male connector is inside.

I think the problem in Palm isn't in the mechanism connector, in my opinion the detector pin give the correct signal(I think when earphones are inside, this pin will be connected to "ground" ¿?)

You can try many time with the same app, for example Itunes and it never detect the change, however if you change of app like Phone, TCMP or Coreplayer, in few attempts the app/system will detect the plug/unplug process. Why?

.. I think the problem could be a mix of hardware detection and ptunes software.

Note: if you are using a jack adaptor and unplug only the earphones voice dial can be launched.

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Mobile connectivity

or when you can't connect to Internet using wireless,adsl or cable

Modem connected by USB cable:

Palm Centro(GPRS modem)
+USBmodem software(installed in Centro)
+Mobile Stream GSM (copy the script included in USBmodem packet in the MacOSx folder: /Library/Modem Scripts/)

Configuring MacOS X

Network, Config "Config Network port"
choose "Centro USB Modem"
if you can't select it, remove the item, unplug and plug the Centro, and Mac should recognize again.

phone number: *99***1#
user: orange
GPRS/EDGE APN: internet


GPRS/EDGE APN: gprs-service.com

user: user

(in theory this phone number is common to all GSM providers)
(in )

Nokia (3G -GPRS modem)
only over bluetooth connection or using 'launch2net'?