lunes, 6 de agosto de 2012

Flowcharts, Mind maps, UML (Soft)

conceptDraw! flowchart

Concept Draw Pro(Win, MacOS)
A good alternative to Ms Visio, advantages over Visio are
multiplatform and portable version for Windows.
Flowcharts, UML, Mockup resources, OS interface components, etc..
Import:Visio XML, Powerpoint
Export: CDD, CDX(xml from conceptdraw), Visio XML, SVG, SWF
MacOs version available for PPC and Intel CPU
Version 9.2.5 included in ConceptDraw Office 2

Conceptdraw 9.2.5, mockup

Omnigraffle (MacOS)
Nice and easy diagramming software

Available for PPC and Intel CPU

Visio (Win)
A well know software but only available for Windows.

LibreOffice Draw (multiplatform)

LibreOffice Draw
It has a big name after it, is opensource and is portable. However,  in terms of usability and features is quite bad.

Export:ODG(ODF Drawing), FODG(Flat XML ODF Drawing)


-Freemind (Java multiplatform)(GPL)
Tested versions: 0.8, 1.0.1
Very stable and working correctly in MacOS.

-FreePlane (multiplatform)(GPL)
freeplan screenshot
Tested versions: 1.2.42b, 1.2.1, 1.3.12
(Win install/portable, Mac, Linux,..)
Export to: html, graphics,...
Fork of Freemind, and compatible with it. Many options but not a very clear interface

Note, a new node cannot be inserted from right button or toolbar but from
"Insert" key, or Edit, New node, New child node

Interesting features:
Outline view: View, View settings, Outline view

-X-Mind (Portable version, multiplatform)
Current version: 3
Unstable but working correctly in MacOS.




UML Violet
Very easy Java app which implements the following diagrams
  • use-case diagram
  • class diagram
  • Violet(Java) screenshot
    activity diagram
  • sequence diagram
  • state diagram
  • object diagram