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Lotus Notes/Domino


Lotus Notes/sametime Client
Lotus Domino Designer
...LotusScript functions
...LotusScript Methods
Lotus Domino/Admin

---Lotus Notes/Sametime Client---
Sametime Client (Palm OS)
IM+ Sametime


Keyboard shortcuts
Insert key Toggle read/unread
ctrl-W close tab
ctrl-shift-L List available key shortcuts
Alt Show numbers in tool bar menus
Alt+(number) Access to functions in tool bar menus
ctrl-shift-t mosaic view with all tabs
F2 (Message-Edit mode)increase font size
Shift+F2(Message-Edit mode) decrease font size


Attach text or images in an outlined section (hide/unhide)
Menu, Create, Section
tip write one line of text as title, select and create section, such as
">>>>attached text>>>"

Standard (Java/Eclipse)

Different versions:
v8.5.2 Standard (notes.exe)

v8.5.2 Legacy (nlnotes.exe)

Notes have dependecy of Java.
Be careful with new Java Updates

C:\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data [configuration files: id file, notes.ini, *.nsf,
C:\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data\IBM_TECHNICAL_SUPPORT [error logs: console.log, ...

C:\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data\mail [NSF Mail file
C:\IBM\Lotus\Notes\Data\archive [Archived mail files

--- Sametime ---
Sametime Connect(Eclipse )
No java dependency

Conversation history
-SameTime v 8.5.1
-SameTime v8.0.2

-Sametime launched from Notes legacy
In General "History" icon
(history stored in notes databases)

see history en Sametime legacy

Activate Widgets:
"Preferences","Show Widget toolbar and the My Widgets Sidebar panel"

---Lotus Domino Designer---

-LotusScript functions-

** @If
@If( condition1 ; action1 ; condition2 ; action2 ; ... ; condition99 ; action99 ; else_action )

Evaluates a condition; if the condition is True, Lotus Notes/Domino performs the action appearing immediately after that condition, and stops. If the condition is False, Lotus Notes/Domino skips to the next condition and tests it, and so on. If none of the conditions is True, Lotus Notes/Domino performs the else_action.

@Text( value ; format­string )
Converts any value to a text string.

**@Explode. Extrae de una cadena elementos (palabras) separados por determinado “carácter” pasado como argumento.
**Ubound. Extrae la upper posicion de un array
**Instr() Devuelve la posición del primer carácter de una cadena dentro de otra.
**Cstr(). Convierte de x tipo a tipo string
**@Word. Extrae una palabra de un string, se puede especificar la palabra con un número que designa un número consecutivo a cada palabra por orden de aparición.
**Now(). Time-date or time-date list. The current time-date of the local computer, the server containing the current database, or one or more specified servers. See the "Usage" section that follows

-LotusScript Methods-

**GetDocumentByUNID. Finds a document in a database, given the document universal ID (UNID).
**Evaluate().Evaluates a Domino formula.

---Lotus Domino/Admin---