miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Linux in your old Ibook PPC

After use many times Ubuntu as Live CD or running Linux apps with Fink and MacPorts. I decided to have Linux and MacOS X installed in the Harddrive.

Therefore I don't want to do a clean installation, I have to resize my partitions to free space for Linux partition/s.

I will install a quiet recent Ubuntu 10.4PPC from CD.

1- Resize and move HFS partition with "ipartition" from a MacOS Live CD.

You must have the free space at the begin instead of the end of the HD,
if you have the free space at the end of HD, Linux will not see correctly your partition table

Power users also can do this task from a Linux CD using the application "parted" from command line because the graphical Gparted can't.
The command should as:
>parted /dev/hdX resize (partition number) (start location) (end location)

2-Boot from Ubuntu CD
Press "C" key on the Apple boot
Write "live" to load Ubuntu in RAM

chose partition

install options

These lines can be important, dependin:
turn off journaling on Mac partition?
cd /Volumes/
sudo diskutil enableJournal Macintosh\ HD/
sudo diskutil disableJournal Macintosh\ HD/


-Ubuntu 10.10PPC is available and above procedure is useful for this version as well.

Interesting webs about Linux on Mac: