domingo, 26 de diciembre de 2010

hacking Tomtom

Tomtom GO 530
4.3" 16:9 480 × 272 pixels
SiRF starIII
400 MHz
64 MB
FM radio
internal Mem
1 GB
SD external

Current Maps:
Iberia v8.75_3613
UK and Ireland v8.75_3613
France: v8.75_3613 (external SD)

Previous Iberia:830.2305

Rename Maps for TomTom Menu. Edit 1st line of pna file and change name or add version.

Current Firmware:
Bootloader 55120
Linux ver.315187
Navcore=8.351 (9982/0905518)

Acronyms of Maps
TTS, Text to Speech, detailed driving instructions are provided using computer voices. The instructions include distances, road-names, directions to major cities, etc.
ALG is Advanced Lane Guidance. This comes in two parts. Part one are lane-use instructions for large intersections on screen, at the same location that is used for turn-left/right instructions. Part two are splash screens with a sort of very simple windscreen view.
ASR is Assisted Speech Recognition, where you can enter an address by talking to your TT.
C-speech are the files in the map needed for ASR.
Voice Control: TT control with one tap on the screen and your voice commands. (Requires a working TTS voice)
IQ routes is a planning system using real average speeds instead of maximum speed on a road. For this the map contains tables with the average speeds for the 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

*** Go 530 ***
Navcore 8.203.9717 [Reinicio 5.5106]
Navcore 8.301 [Reinicio 5.5106 - 8.0012]
Navcore 8.302 [Reinicio 5.5106 - 8.0012]
Navcore 8.320.9901 [Reinicio 5.5022 - 5.5122 - 8.0012]
Navcore 8.350.9980 [Reinicio 5.5120 - 8.0012]
Navcore 8.351.9982 [Reinicio 5.5120 - 8.0012]
Navcore 8.410 [Reinicio 5.5106 - 5.5122 - 8.0012]
Navcore 8.413.1237 [Reinicio 5.5120 - 8.0012]

*** ONE v.1 ***
Navcore 8.203 [Reinicio 5.5106 - 8.0012]
Navcore 8.204 [Reinicio 5.5001 - 5.5010 - 5.5012 - 5.5015 - 5.5105 - 5.5106 - 5.5112 - 8.0012]
Navcore 8.300 [Reinicio 5.5015 - 5.5105]
Navcore 8.320.9901 [Reinicio 5.5022 - 5.5106]
Navcore 8.410.1218 [Reinicio 5.5105 - 5.5106 - 5.5112 - 8.0012]
Navcore 8.412.1236 [Reinicio 5.5105]
Navcore 8.413.1237 [Reinicio 5.0500 - 8.0012]

Software for Tomtom:
-Tomplayer 0.2.30 (multimedia player)
-TTMaps 0.4.3 (offroad maps)
(Maps in \ttmaps\maps)
-TomBox 1.0(480x272) (games and apps)

Apps in external SD
copy \SdkRegistry files in internal SD
Edit .cap file and modify the line with path

Other  apps

sábado, 25 de diciembre de 2010

Mobile devices: data folders path

* Modification of the default folder path.


(hidden folder from commandline)

-Maemo Mapper
/media/mmc/DATA *
-Map Wayfinder
-System Backup/restore
-RSS feed reader
-Garnet VM
-Internet Radio (radio channels)

SD \PALM\Programs\WintecTool\Maps
SD \PathAway
SD \PALM\Backups\Default
-Slovoed (Dicts)
SD \PALM\SlovoEd
SD \PALM\Programs\metro
-Mobipocket reader
SD \ebooks
-Beiks Bdicty (Dicts)
SD \beiks
-Resco Neews
SD \PALM\Programs\RNews
-Roadlingua reader
SD \PALM\Launcher
SD \PALM\Launcher
SD \PALM\Launcher

-Dict OS X
Library/Application Support/Dic OS X
-Translate It!
/Users/xx/Library/Application Support/Translate It!(package)

miércoles, 10 de noviembre de 2010

Linux in your old Ibook PPC

After use many times Ubuntu as Live CD or running Linux apps with Fink and MacPorts. I decided to have Linux and MacOS X installed in the Harddrive.

Therefore I don't want to do a clean installation, I have to resize my partitions to free space for Linux partition/s.

I will install a quiet recent Ubuntu 10.4PPC from CD.

1- Resize and move HFS partition with "ipartition" from a MacOS Live CD.

You must have the free space at the begin instead of the end of the HD,
if you have the free space at the end of HD, Linux will not see correctly your partition table

Power users also can do this task from a Linux CD using the application "parted" from command line because the graphical Gparted can't.
The command should as:
>parted /dev/hdX resize (partition number) (start location) (end location)

2-Boot from Ubuntu CD
Press "C" key on the Apple boot
Write "live" to load Ubuntu in RAM

chose partition

install options

These lines can be important, dependin:
turn off journaling on Mac partition?
cd /Volumes/
sudo diskutil enableJournal Macintosh\ HD/
sudo diskutil disableJournal Macintosh\ HD/


-Ubuntu 10.10PPC is available and above procedure is useful for this version as well.

Interesting webs about Linux on Mac:

martes, 5 de octubre de 2010

Back to the past: Panther or 10.3.9

After many years using Tiger, the destiny have forced me to go back to the past and to use Panther for some days, while I take more memory for this laptop.

Find useful and lightweight apps isn't a easy task, since this OS is abandoned for the most of users and isn't supported by Apple; moreover my RAM memory is the minimum (256MB)

Cog 0.05
VLC 0.8.6i
CocoviewX 0.95

aMSN 0.983 (March.2010)
Opera 9.64
Skype 2.6
Skype 2.8.0
Ms. Messenger 6.03

Adium 1.0.6 (MSN protocol isn't working)

Acrobat Reader 7.1.0
KeepassX 0.3.3
UnrarX 2.2

Some Commercial apps working.
Photoshop 6
Appleworks 6

lunes, 20 de septiembre de 2010

Project Management Software

At the moment Microsoft Project is covering big portion of the total of users of PM programs, but one of the common lacks of Microsoft is to forget about architectures or operative systems different than Windows.

*Natara Project@Hand 2

Project@Hand for PalmOS

Can import/export to Ms Project only if you install a software in your windows desktop and sync, the palm device. On the other hand you can use as stand alone app.

*OpenProj 1.4

Works stable and include the basic features, translated to some languages, many data fields, few customizable, interface could be better, Net plan view is a crap, and

Save as: .pod(default), Project2003 XML, Project .mpp, .mpx
Open XML, Ms.Project, Gnome Planner
Doesn't support project 2010 files
(Opensource and Multi-platform)

!! Notes on MacOS:
-Some features requires right button click therefore you have to use a normal mouse or press apple+alt+click instead of standard ctrl-mousebutton
-Change Date format (mm/dd/yyyy) to (dd/mm/yyyy)
edit /Applications/
-Xms128m -Xmx768m -Duser.region=GB
-Change Interface language, add "-Duser.language=en" inside the tag
-If you are creating a new relation of dependency and you have an error, check your task and if your task has a successor then remove this relation, define predecessor dependency, and now you can create the removed relation again.


*Merlin 2.7.7

Nice and usable interface, good Net plan view, many data fields.

Open Project files (.mpp, .mpx), Project XML
Many option to save/export, merlin2, project, CSV, FreeMind, Image, OmniOutliner, HTML,iCal

!! Notes:
Be careful if you import Ms project files, and check/ask about some correct dates because Merlin use some data fields in differente way than Ms. Project and the dates could change.

*OmniPlan 1.7
Basic project management software with few data fields.
Open Ms.Project files XML and mpp (fails opening .xml files saved with Merlin or Openproj)
Many option to export, project .mpx .XML, CSV, Image, OmniGraffle, OmniOutliner, HTML,iCal

!! Notes:
This software doesn't have a PERT or Net view, fails to open some files, and sometimes when you export. Maybe in a future could be an alternative to Merlin but not now.

*Openworkbench 1.1.6
Powerful software, specially for PM power user, customizable views including many data fields, best alternative to Ms. Project.

Used for a long time, works stable moreover can be used as a standalone app or to connect to CA Clarity PPM Servers.
Only for Windows(requires Java)

!!Note: For Ms. project users, the planification is done using the effort (hours) of resource assigned to task.

*Ms. Project 2007
The most popular PM software, you must configure the view to show baseline bars in the Gantt, could be easier like in the alternatives.

Save as: Project .mpp, .xls, .csv, xml
Open XML, Ms.Project *

*Like is common in Microsoft, lacks of compatibility with other formats

*ConceptDraw PROJECT
Default format: cdpz(conceptdraw project), cdpx (xml)

Save as: Ms Project XML, mmap(MindManager)
Open: Ms Project( xml, mpp, mpt, mpx), mmap(MindManager)
Multiplatform. Mac, Windows
version 6.3.0 included in ConceptDraw Office 2

conceptProject gantt screenshot

lunes, 9 de agosto de 2010

Fix an Apple Ibook laptop

Open ibook working

Open a apple laptop is harder than open a PC laptop. For the 1st time is important to check the assembling/disassembling procedures:

Change Harddrive

The harddrive have 4 black screws in the sides to adjust, you must remove from old hd and put in the new, (screwdriver is torx).


Moreover the included utilities you can use:
*Disk Utility. included, use from a cd/dvd you can select a scheme of 2 or 3 partition in a easiest way, (only HFS format).
*DiskStudio 1.6. same options than DiskUtility (only HFS format)
*Drive Genius 2. repartition, clone and other functions.
*iPartition. repartition, create partition in many formats.

Clone HD
There are some apps for clone to HD or Image file
*Carbon Copy Cloner aka CCC(backup to bootable image file, too slow to clone from usb to ide)
*Clone X (only clone to hd or bootable DVD/CD, faster than CCC)
*CopyCatx (only clone)
*SuperDuper! (Clone to image file)

inside the Ibook

inside the ibook back

Fix Screen wires
A common fail in Ibooks is on the the screen wires,one or more wires can be broken.

Software utilities
There is a utility dvd in Internet called "Bootable Ultimate Image 1.2" full of system apps. (Be careful with license and copyright)

Openfirmware as apple BIOS
How to access: press the key combination of "Command"(apple key) + "Option" (alt printed in key) + "O" + "F"


devalias (shows defined alias)
dev / (move to the tree, /=root)
ls (shows the current branch of the tree)
pwd (show the current path in devices tree)
.properties (show data from the current device in the tree)

Default boot device on Apple Ibook is "hd:,\\:tbxi"
The command ¨boot¨ without arguments will use the default device and the arguments can be such as:

Example of devices(using alias and not)

hd is a alias to pci@f4000000/ata-6@d/disk

setenv: environment variables
printenv: variables
Interesting variables:
output-device (name of output device for OF console)

Introduction and commands
Apple Technical Notes 1061, 1062, 1044: Fundamentals of OpenFirmware

A Repair manual
Step-by-step Guides to repair a Ibook
Many links about repair

martes, 13 de julio de 2010

Semantic web and microformats

Semantic Web Basic info:

Microformats Basic info:

Firefox and Microformats
Operator add-on. Shows and options to manage contacts, events, locations, ...

cc by 2.0

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

EasyDebian On Maemo

A complete desktop PC in my pocket
Why? There are many technical reason to do.
why not? It is a easy procedure, there is no danger for your Maemo OS.

It is funny to see a linux desktop distribution running on our small devices, and there some applications missing in Maemo, and available with this way.
Using easydebian can be useful for some tasks, however the user interface wasn't designed for work in a small screen and you will feel tired after a time.


I think this instructions are easier than other available in Internet.
(tested on Nokia N800)

1 Install easydebian (aka Turbo Easy Debian for Everyone) from or Application (Maemo Extras repository)
1.1 You must chose menus for some access shortcuts (if you prefer don't mix with Maemo menu categories, you could create a menu 'debian' and place all this access links there)

2 Download on PC the following linux imagefile for easydebian

3 Unpack downloaded file with 7zip, Winrar, (your prefer uncompress tool)
Unpack previous file to
Unpack previous file .tar to

3 Copy imagefile to SD memory, for example to
You can copy in any format partition (FAT,EXT,..) and folder, you only need 1.3GB on target

4 Give the path of image to easydebian
edit /home/user/.chroot
write a new line with the path where we copied the imagefile
(lines with # are comments)

5 Executing
Execute the app on menus (LXDE Desktop)
wait and now you have linux running

6 Executing apps without from Maemo Desktop (no need LXDE desktop)
From terminal(as normal user)
#debbie linux_app_name (e.g. keepassx)
(on N800 to show onscreenkeyboard, open Toggle Matchbox-kbd)

apt-get easydebian

Config the environment
Onscreen keyboard are on main menu/accesories

Open a terminal and execute
sudo apt-get update
This command download info from internet debian repositories

Now you can install apps using a graphic way(1) or command way(2)

(1)Execute Synaptic (install manager) from a terminal with: sudo synaptic

(2) sudo apt-get install keepassx
(Keepass is an example of app)

sábado, 15 de mayo de 2010

Nokia phones - Symbian OS

Tricks in Nokia phones:
Default pcsuite path for backups

if you forgot backup your contact list, sms ,...
C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\PC Suite\%phoneIMEI%
(SQL lite 3 format)
Open SQLite Manager for Firefox

-Installing message after turn on
if always we have an install message "Instalando" we must go to the folder where Nokia store files about previous failed installations (SD card, \private\10202dce).

The folder is hidden, but we can see it from the pc, after plug one as massive storage device.

Displays info(Nokia s60v3)
240x320 : N73 (Java MIDP 2.0, CLDC 1.1)

230x320 : E51
800x352 : E90
240x320 : N95 8GB, 6110, N76, 6290
230x320 : N81
230x320 : N81 8GB
240x320 : 6121, 6120,5700

176x208 : 3250, N91
208X208 : 5500
240X320 : E50, E65, N73, N75, N93, N93i
320X240 : E61, E61i, E62, N71, N77, N92
352X416 : E60, E70, N80

Symbian OS version 9.4
640 x 360(nHD):5230

Displays info(Nokia s60 5th)
640 x 360 : 5230 -Symbian 9.4 (Java ME MIDP 2.1 CLDC 1.1)

** No Symbian **
240x320 : 7230 (Series 40 6th edition, Java MIDP 2.1)
240x320 : 6600 (Series 40)

Best Symbian Apps
LCGjukebox 2.76 (now freeware)
Sygic MapGuider 7.70
Keepass J2Me
Metro 5.63

viernes, 14 de mayo de 2010

Best apps the old Treo600

Palm Treo600
Display: 150x160 16bit/ touchscreen
OS: Palm OS 5.2.1H
CPU: 144-MHz ARM processor

(F) Freeware
(C) Commercial

Agendus Premier 13.5
Snapper Email 302

Shape shift (puzzle game)

Maps/offline plan:
2Trackme 1.2
TomTom 4.100 (1874) [Spain v300, Portugal v300]

domingo, 9 de mayo de 2010

Apps configuration

InternetCall(with Voipcheap)
[all fields by default]
User name:
Auth username: username
Password: userpassw
STUN server:
STUN port: 3478

Articulation(GarnetVM)(with Voipcheap)
[all fields by default]

-Account info-
Name: VoipCheap(o como uds quieran, es tan solo un ejemplo...)
Display: username(or anything else)
User: username
Password: userpassw

-NAT Settings-


default IMAP configuration.

default Spain Yahoo(POP)

POP3 port:995
CRAM-MD5 auth
Always SSL
Always trust certif


POP3 port:995
requires sing-in
SMTP port: 465
requires sing-in

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

Fix/Improve PalmOs devices

There are some common failures, and I want to compile them beside the solution which is working for me:

My Centro Plugs

-"Card exporter II" can't connect with PC.
“Cannot send USB descriptor. Host failure”

From a file explorer app like "Resco explorer" o "Filez"

Using "Resco explorer" go to "control panel", folder "Saved Prefs" and delete the file with the following properties:

name: System [pusc,256]
creator: pusc
size: 18bytes

using FileZ
View Preferences, Saved
pusc -none-

(note: the creator could be "pusb" in some versions)

-Rescobackup resets PDA
Some apps running in background crash the function of backup, be careful with mobileWrite and deactivate before start a backup.

-Unofficial ROM Update
If you are tired of frozen state when you receive an incoming call you should update the ROM to have more free memory on RAM.

Search in internet "centro custom ROM" or "Custom ROM centro bl00dfeast"
1. copy all the files in RAM
2. Execute ROMupdater.prc, write "nome" al press "enter/intro" key
3. After 30 sec, the procedure will be finished.
4. hard reset: remove battery, pressing power button, plug the battery again
5. Ask the question about format with "yes" and chose a language

You could add two steps, if you have important information:
0. Backup the system with RescoBackup or Nvbackup to a file in SDcard
6. Execute RescoBackup or Nvbackup and restore the file with backup

**Clean/Purge Personal data
And if you want to clone for a friend, sell or only remove your personal data...

Remove from RAM, using a rescoexplorer or Filez,

Using app interface:
-Calls, purge
-SMS , purge, all
-SnapperEmail, folder, Purge

**Increase Free RAM
Install "Linkstart" software, this app allows "the transparent" movement of Apps from RAM to SD. Recommendable for big apps which requires to be executed from RAM.

My moved apps:
WorldMate Pro


-Palm power connector. This isn't a standard or common connector in the street, therefore if you are prudent user you are interested in have plan B just in case.
A Palm Centro can be charged with the same voltage and strength than Nokia or other more common phones, or even with the standard USB output. (see the above image).

-PC USB doesn't recognize the device
Clean the metal contact on palm connector

-No sound output over speaker.
Try to plug the earphones, and listen on them, unplug the earphones and probably the sound will not go out by speakers.

Today the power/sound female connectors for solder on boards, have the normal pins and one additional pin to detect when the male connector is inside.

I think the problem in Palm isn't in the mechanism connector, in my opinion the detector pin give the correct signal(I think when earphones are inside, this pin will be connected to "ground" ¿?)

You can try many time with the same app, for example Itunes and it never detect the change, however if you change of app like Phone, TCMP or Coreplayer, in few attempts the app/system will detect the plug/unplug process. Why?

.. I think the problem could be a mix of hardware detection and ptunes software.

Note: if you are using a jack adaptor and unplug only the earphones voice dial can be launched.

domingo, 18 de abril de 2010

Mobile connectivity

or when you can't connect to Internet using wireless,adsl or cable

Modem connected by USB cable:

Palm Centro(GPRS modem)
+USBmodem software(installed in Centro)
+Mobile Stream GSM (copy the script included in USBmodem packet in the MacOSx folder: /Library/Modem Scripts/)

Configuring MacOS X

Network, Config "Config Network port"
choose "Centro USB Modem"
if you can't select it, remove the item, unplug and plug the Centro, and Mac should recognize again.

phone number: *99***1#
user: orange
GPRS/EDGE APN: internet



user: user

(in theory this phone number is common to all GSM providers)
(in )

Nokia (3G -GPRS modem)
only over bluetooth connection or using 'launch2net'?

miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

Diagrams, Flowcharts, Mind maps (examples)

Citrix communication (Visio diagram)

Disaster recovery. fixed phone communications (Visio diagram)

"Organizaciones" mapmind (Freplane)

"Servicio de mantenimiento" outline (Freplane)

A level 2 DFD (Data Flow Diagram)  (ConceptDraw)

ER diagram (Entity Relation)  (ConceptDraw)

Sequence diagram (Violet)

Project organization chart (Visio)

Customer screen -Storyboard Mockup (conceptDraw)

Card payment screen -Storyboard Mockup (conceptDraw)

viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

Fix MacOS X

MacOS like Windows isn't a free fail OS, moreover there is less information than in Windows/Linux worlds; therefore knowledge/links about repairing Mac OS is recommendable:

Problems updating Safari, sometimes after update Safari you can't execute Safari, iTunes, Java apps, etc, this isn't a new issue however Apple hasn't managed the problem.

Technically the problem is in framework libraries (Webkit.framework and JavaScriptCore.framework) files stored in "System/Library/Framework" folder.

How to prevent/Recommendation:
Don't update Safari if you have a Tiger OS, you can use firefox or if you need this browser in the latest versions, you should try with:

Webkit browser (same engine than safari)

Safari standalone or multiple version

When prevention is too late/Solution:

If you have the problem, you must solve it, you must use Pacifist tool to extract the framework files from a correct source, for example:
-Tiger 10.4.11 (PPC) Combo Update

Drag and drop from pacifist folder to finder



registro: Library/Logs

Command: Safari
Path: /Applications/
Parent: WindowServer [67]

Version: 4.0.5 (4531.22.7)

PID: 216
Thread: Unknown

Link (dyld) error:

Symbol not found: __ZNK3KJS6JSCell9getUInt32ERj
Referenced from: /System/Library/Frameworks/WebKit.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/WebCore.framework/Versions/A/WebCore

Info source: