domingo, 17 de julio de 2011

Games from the past

I still remembering the time I spent playing some games in my 1st computer, in fact that was an 8086 from Olivetti, with a Nec CPU running at 10Mhz, even it was much cheaper computer than a IBM or Inves(PC Compatible Spanish brand) it had a VGA card instead the CGA,EGA cards included with the most of personal computers in that date, and even better was the price which was lower than the most of models in the market including CGA/EGA and 5,25" floppy disk.

Old graphic PC BIOS

Anyway for me the Amiga 500 or even the more expensive A1200 had be perfect, good machines for games and cheaper than PC, but my parents thought a PC was a better tool to do homework or learn computing. Perhaps it was a correct decision.

My first games were a original 4 games pack including "California Games", "Ballistix", "Sub Battle" and "Billiards" and I could enjoy enough time playing the first two until I met people to who share software. In In fact I paid few times more for software ;)

After that time I managed to copy in diskettes as many games as I could.

I feel nostalgia from that old times when Spanish software companies, such as Dinamic, Opera, Topo... were as proficient as foreigner software industry. These companies developed games with very good quality.

In fact, I enjoyed a lot playing with some of them. i.e Madmix, Madmix2, Army moves, Phantis, Freddy Hardest, La abadía del crimen or Mundiales de futbol. Even I tried the newer hammerboy,

I would recommend the next games:

-Barbarian (Psygnosis 1987)
-Stunt Car Racer (1989)
-Madmix2 (Spanish game)
-Indiana Jones and the last crusade(Arcade)
-Xenon 1 and 2 (1989)
-Centurion (1990)
-Ikari Warriors 3
-Cobra Mission (1991)
-4x4 supper off road
-Metal Mutant(1991)
-Wizball (1987- Atari St)