lunes, 16 de junio de 2008

Wellcome to the wonderful world of LRC(minilyrics)

What am i talking about?

An easy definition could be: .lrc files are the subtitles for the music, and looks like .SRT files(video subtitles) are text files with a timestamp before each phrase.

ex. [min:sec.mmm] bla bla bla bla

Note: Some people tags the lyrics in different way (by hand or by software), the players should work with all but could fail if the developer didn't think in that.

Real examples of tags:

[0:34] 1 digit for minute and 2 for seconds
[01:07.037] 2 digit for minutes and 3 for milliseconds
[00:15.38] 2 digits for minutes and 2 for milliseconds ¿wrong?
[1:01.296] 1 digit for minutes and 3 for milliseconds

Minilyrics isn't the same as videosubtitles therefore the millisecond precision is not necessary and any value is correct.

These timestamps must be syncronized with the music file (ogg, mp3,etc...)

what do I need?
A music player hardware or software, with support for lyrics (a plugin for your application is a common solution)favourite player, this player can be a hardware or software, some cheap mp3 player support .srt files (I suppose ipod too).

Software for
Windows/Linux: Winamp, Amarok,..... (some of them need a plugin)
Songbird+scrolling lyric (don't read from local lrc files, download the lyric/minilyric from internet)*
Apple MacOS: XBMC (very good support)
Nokia Maemo: Mediabox (small font and not configurable)
PalmOS: ptlyrics (+Pocket tunes)*
Symbian: LCG Jukebox

* include creation of minilyrics (tag time on lyrics)

where i can get .lrc files?
or if you want a pack with lrcfiles + mp3 you can search in torrent with "ramones mania"

and one example of lrc file: Bad Religion - Turn on the light

Present and Future
This is an unknow format for too many people, press, no commercial (i don't know any company using this format)
however this isn't too important because people made their .lrc files by themselves (is as easy as to edit an lyric text file and add the timestamps)

I think this is a good way to improve your english oral understanding.