About me

Daniel Perez Gonzalez.
Asturi@s/The Internet/The World

Why? Time ago I decided to publish in the web some info which could be useful for others or even me if were missing a phone, an usb memory, a cd or whatever else where I was used to have information. 

Why a blog? I would like to have a logical answer but I haven't. Post dates are not useful to classify this content but I am too lazy to migrate it and tags are working.

Probably I should migrate all the info to a webpage but I think I might wait for web 3.0 or even 4.0....

Why so different subjects? I don't want to create different blogs and spend time thinking about the names for them. Furthermore I don't think it is a blog for the masses so it would be enough for me and the 3 o 4 geeks who could find it in Internet.

Why to write in English?
At the beginning I was not much confident about using English for long texts, so I began to create the blog in Spanish but as I was sure that writing here was almost confidential, I decide to practise my English skills here. I wish that new posts should be much better written that the old ones.

Is some info too basic? I am sure that much information and steps are not required for technical people but I think that things must be keep simple and logical.
As it is not an exhibition of skills or me pretending to be a guru of anything, I will keep it logical and simple. 
IMHO if someone with basic skills cannot understand something, it is not his fault but writer's fault,


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