viernes, 5 de septiembre de 2008

Learning English I: Useful things

(in construction)
There is an additional blog entry comparing dictionaries and their databases.

-PC applications(Windows)-
-Oxford pocket genie
Spanish/english dictionary with phonetic and sound
[Portable - 152Mb]
-The Sage 1.4.0
[freeware - 4Mb]
-Wordweb pro (free use, ecological license *1)
[Free - Portable]
-Verbix 2008 (8.0) (Verb. Conjugator)
Conjugation for spanish/english(*) verbs
-Stardict 3.0.2(GPL, portable)
Support Stardict format, sounds, and online dictionaries.
-FreeLang 3.5.2
Free Lightweight translator, different languages

(*) support for many languages
[shareware 30 days - Installation 22Mb)


-Palm applications-
-ptlyrics (mp3 + text lyrics)
-Collins 1.0 + cobuild eng dictionary
without phonetic
-Slovoed (sound modules)
-Bdicty (sound modules)
-Oxford (Msdict)
-FlashCards 1.2.36 (Lingvosoft/ECTACO) [SAT pdb in SD]
-Vocabulary Cards 1.02 [pdb in ram]
-RNS English Tester 2.1 [db in ram, CAE&CPE level]

-Maemo applications-
-Flashcard software /Mnemosyne

Download Flashcards/Decks


WordWeb 5.x Free version licensing
WordWeb free version may be used indefinitely only by people who take at most two commercial flights (not more than one return flight) in any 12 month period. People who fly more than this need to purchase the Pro version if they wish to continue to use it after a 30-day trial period.

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