lunes, 2 de abril de 2012

Fixing a Nokia N800

1.Iterative reboots during the charge which avoid a the charge process.(N8x0)
2.Screen jittering. (N800)

Iterative reboots during the charge which avoid a the charge process. (N810/N800)

Try with different Nokia chargers, even with the same external aspect the voltages/current differs in the Nokia chargers, furthermore nowadays electric devices and since batteries have a broad range of input voltages there is no risk in this action.

Batteries or device have internal IC (integrated circuits), to protect the device/battery, and the problem could be there instead of the N8xx input.
For any reason the battery controller need more or maybe less voltage to continue charging.

You can use any mobile phone charger(the most of them are 5V-6V DC), you only need to change the output connector.

For N800 I used 5.2v and0.5mA (No nokia) instead of nokia (AC-3X) 5V and 350mA

Screen Jittering. (N800)

Device still working but it is very annoying to see how the windows are moving/jittering in the screen. I my opinion it is related with colour contrast in the screen because it happens more with dark screen than when we are working in a white/grey screen.

After opened the tablet I can see few components not covered by the metal shields but I saw two components which I think could be involved in the failures; battery(2) and capacitor?(2)

The capacitor is a bit dark in the lest side, looks like a bit burned, I hardly can read over it something like "G.MKT"

The battery looked bad but in theory should not affect to screen.

After disassembly the screen there some small components and two IC.
the small one has written "VM66BS 92300SN" (2)

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