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PIM Data conversion -Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos,..

Replace a platform is a hard decision, and too many times implies data loss. After spend sometime looking for methods find below how I moved from Palm OS to Android.



General info.
PalmDesktop 4.1.4
Contacts: aba, csv, tab (Export all)
excel, Word (select all, send to)
vcf (vcard) (Select all, export to vcf) *

Tasks: tda (Export all)
excel, Word (select all, send to)
Memo: mpa, csv, tab, txt (Export all)
Word (select all, send to)
Calendar: dba

* works in PalmDesktop 6

General Info.
Import from SIM
Import from SD (vcf file in SD) *
Import from Google
* Classification category is lost

Palm contacts to Android contacts
Export from Palm Desktop as .vcf containing all contacts
Copy vcf file in Android SD
Import from SD in Android
Recreate categories in Phone or Kies manager

Palm Memos to Note Everything
Follow Note everything manual or
Export from Palm desktop to csv, import in excel and let the columns as

column1 =category
column2=memo content

Palm desktop to Android DejaOffice
DejaOffice has its own contacts, memos, tasks, so syncronization will not affect to default Android apps.

Requirements in Computer:
-Palm Desktop installed and previously synchronized with Palm Phone
-PC with Android Phone drivers (Install Kies for Samsung, connect phone and drivers will be installed)
-CompanionLink * installed (Checked with v 3.0.3089)

1. Configure CompanionLink
1.1 PDA: Android USB
1.2 PIM: Palm desktop (Access)
1.3 Configuration: Palm desktop as primary
2 Connect phone by USB
3 Execute DejaOffice in Android,
3.1 Click "Syncronize" on DejaOffice menus
3.2 Wait
3.2 Disconnect Phone from PC

Now Contacts, task, calendar and memos will be available in Dejaoffice :)

Android Calendar to DejaOffice Calendar
Android calendar is a piece of crap,with poor on features and with a lack of usability in UI.
But if you have data en Calendar and you want to move to DejaCalendar without sync with google web (I don't like the cloud).

go to "Settings", "Sync settings" and activate "Sync with Android Calendar App"

Note. At least in the spanish translated version 2.1.9
"Sync with Android Calendar App"and "Sync with Android Contact App" are incorrectly exchaged.
After select you have to chose between alarms in Android Calendar or DejaCalendar.
Chose categories to sync.

In Home/ main menu chose "Read Android Data"
Now we have real calendar. ;)

Outlook Calendar to DejaOffice Calendar (using Sundbird -> no cloud,  no shit in the middle)

From Outlook Calendar.
  Save Calendar as (as ICS)
  Date range: Specify dates
  Detail: Full detail
  Advanced: Include details of items marked private

From Sunbird (Mozilla Sunbird 1.0b1)
  Import ICS file  and remove instance/occurrences
  Select specific events and export Selection (to ics)

From Android
  Open ICS file from Android (any file explorer)
  DejaOffice will import the entries and even categories will be preserved.

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