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Configuring Raspberry


Common Raspberry configuration
Configuring XBMC
Configuring Openelec
Configuring RaspBMC
Configuring Raspbian
Configuring RiscOS


Common Raspberry configuration
System configuration parameters that would normally be kept and set using the BIOS are now stored in a text file named "config.txt".
Including an example configuration file with comments

Make display smaller to stop text spilling off the screen
## overscan_left
##     Number of pixels to skip on left
File is for passing arguments to the Linux kernel and it can be found in /boot/
i.e   ip=    (Static ip for direct RJ45 cable connect)

Configuring XBMC

-Scrape directories to download art work, information, categories,...
Movie add-ons: filmaffinity,..
Over a folder, set content, select scraper.

-TV a la carta

Manage  xbmc  from an Android and WIFI:
XBMC Remote 
(default port:8080)

Seetings, Services, Webserver, Allow control via HTTP
(default port:80)
(activate in Raspberry)

Configuring Openelec

Network, programs, openelec configuration, Connections

Install addons
Programs, Openelec configuration, Addons
XBMC backups
CU lrc lyrics

Create a backup
programs, openelec settings, system, backup

Configuring RaspBMC

As backup feature is not included, addon XBMC backup can be installed  but it is not working  (tested on ver 2014-06) 
Install/config from Addons, Program Addons
Execute from from "Programs"; but it will not show an icon

SSH from a linux terminal, requires to specify that user is "pi"
ssh pi@x.x.x.x

Configuring Raspbian


multimedia player GUI for omx player

sudo raspi-config
configure keyboard layout
Raspbian on a old CRT TV

A GUI interface using jbaiter's pyomxplayer wrapper to control omxplayer

Required pexpect:
     tar xzf pexpect-2.3.tar.gz
     cd pexpect-2.3
     sudo python ./ install

Installing tboplayer:
From a terminal window open in your home directory type:
     wget -O - | tar xz

There should now be a directory 'KenT2-tboplayer-xxxx' in your home directory. Rename the directory to tboplayer

Open the tboplayer directory and from a terminal opened in THIS directory:


TBOPlayer is developed on Raspbian Wheezy with python 2.7

Useful software for Raspbian:

gmusicbrowser (music browser)
GNOME partition editor (gparted)
tightvnc-server  (launch with vncserver :1) ¿by default port 5901?

From PiStore
Pi-Web-Agent (l/p admin/admin)
sudo /etc/init.d/pi-web-agent start
from local
from remote

Packages from CLI:
apt-get install nmap --no-install-recommends
sudo apt-get install pistore

Configuring RiscOS

Its is not CRT friendly. Default image works with a CRT screen however, Risc OS has a screen resolution is too high for a CRT TV and it is impossible to use the OS.

Configuring OSMC

Install from AppStore:

SSH Server
Samba SMB
FTP Server

Addons from: "Programs" ,"Addons"

default login/password: osmc/osmc

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