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CA Clarity technical Administration

CA Clarity Administration stuff

Common network ports: 
Clarity app
http 80, 1024, ..
https 8043

http 8080

Clarity NSA
http 8090
https 8093

Configuration from NSA
BO config: Servers, Properties, reporting
DB config: Servers, Properties, Database
Java app config: Servers, Properties, Application
Logs: Servers, Logs

Version Upgrade
Check  "Data Model Changes" in "CAClarityPPM_ChangeImpactandUpgrade_Guide_ENU.pdf" file in order to be aware of changes in tables.

Queries and  Oracle databases

XOG compatibility

Clarity v.12.1 SP1
i.e. XOG
Clarity v.13
i.e. XOG

Testing XOG from Clarity web


Server info
i.e info:



Info about Servers Status, General metrics, Queue metrics

Flush Caches
Flushing caches


System Locks


 See Server Security Logs

Log filenames and messages:


Contains info about errors in scheduled reports and Jobs

ERROR 2013-05-24 18:30:03,137 [Dispatch pool-4-thread-2 : (tenant=clarity)] niku.njs (clarity:username:9333263__C1AA4D20-121B-43DE-B006-74E7A3366435:schedule_job_Autoschedule Project) Error executing job: 5041627
com.niku.union.utility.MessageKeyException: PRJ-SE04: Could not execute autoschedule job (5041647): Unparseable date: "21/05/2013"
    at com.niku.njs.Dispatcher$
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$

Wrapper Started as Daemon
Clarity initializing...
GMS: address=appservernamexxx-xxxxx, cluster=CLRTY-SA, physical address=x.x.x.x:ppppp
Clarity ready.
INFO: Server startup in 52214 ms
TERM trapped.  Shutting down.
Wrapper Stopped
niku.union (none:none:none:none) Clarity initializing...
niku.union (none:none:none:none) Initializing: tower...
niku.union (none:none:none:none) Initializing: monitor...
niku.union (none:none:none:none) Initializing: nsa...
niku.union (none:none:none:none) Initializing: wmd-init...
niku.union (none:none:none:none) Clarity ready.
config.TenantConfigurationManager (none:none:none:none) Properties/Database: id: clarity
niku.union (none:none:none:none) Destroying: tower...

[echo] CA Clarity Accelerator: Program Management Office installation was successful and is complete.
[echo] Check the install.log for errors that might not have been handled.
[echo] Package Installation Successful - 08-April-2013 21:00:01
[exec] Content Pack csp version has been deployed
[exec] DBTools Log - Mon Apr 08 22:28:02 CEST 2013
[echo] Clarity Solution Pack installation was successful and is complete.
[echo] Check the install.log for errors that might not have been handled.
(admin)     Following object(s) are invalid:

app-ca.log (application errors)
ERROR yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss,mmm [http-bio-14001-exec-xxx] grid.EditListRowServiceImpl (clarity:username:sesionid:GetListContextByRow) Fatal error getting row metadata for project [projectid]
ERROR yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss,mmm [http-bio-14001-exec-xxx] out.service (clarity:username:sesionid:GetListContextByRow) A RuntimeException encountered in Service. Converting to OSFApplicationException.
java.lang.RuntimeException: org.json.JSONException: JSONObject["column"] not found.

WARN  yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss,mmm [http-bio-14001-exec-xxx] web.WebSession (clarity:username:xxxxxxxx__SESSION_ID:odf.filter) A request has been denied as a potential CSRF attack. Request Information-

(from Apache Tomcat)

serverip|[dd/mm/yyyy:hh:mm:ss +0200]|GET /address/file HTTP/1.1|aaa|bbb|cc|token

session id token: i.e. userdid__xxxxaxxe:xxxbaexxxax:-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Userid is before the double underscore (__).
Finally, you can locate that user by selecting into the cmn_sessions table.

IP address of requestor
DateTime of the completed request
URL request
HTTP Status Code
Bytes sent back to the client (excluding the header)
Elapsed time of the request (in ms, can be subtracted from the DateTime to get the request startTime)
Clarity sessionId cookie (a distinct way to group requests, can be tied back to the sessions tables in Clarity to find the user)

- no results return to client for this field
aaa=code that the server sends back to the client
2xx= Successful
200= OK
3xx= Redirection
4xx= Error caused by the client
5xx= Error caused by the server

bbb= size of the object returned to the client, not including the response headers.
cc= elapsed time of the request

x.x.x.x|[dd/MM/yyyy:hh:mm:ss +0200]|GET /niku/ui/uitk/gwt/ HTTP/1.1|200|325759|1803|-
x.x.x.x|[dd/MM/yyyy:hh:mm:ss +0200]|GET /niku/wsdl HTTP/1.0|200|321|1|-

Debug Mode

XML output

XML Open Gateway (XOG)
web service interface that you can use to:
  *Import data
  *Export data
  *Move configuration data from one system to another
to read data from or write data to CA Clarity using XML and web services
GEL tags that can be used with XML for more advanced custom integration tasks
CA Clarity web services use XML messages that follow the SOAP standard.

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