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CA Clarity / Openworkbench / Ms Project

Clarity and Opera
Browser compatibility

***Clarity PPM12/13
Web working on Firefox3/10/Opera

Firefox and Clarity
Firefox Toolbox for Clarity     

Firefox portable 3.6.28
+Addons (specific versions for FF3)
tabrenamizer-0.9.6-fx.xpi   (*)

tabrenamizer: rules for tab names

(*) Note: web addresses change between Clarity v12 and 13.
It is a pity that "tabrenamizer" doesn't support wildcards  :(

Chickenfoot Scripting for Clarity

Use CF foot methods and Javascript to automate tasks

Web differences between v12/v13
First line v12, second line v13

Web addresses
../niku/app?action=projmgr   (v12)
../niku/nu#action:projmgr (v13)
 button= "Class"="sectionBarBtn"
 button= "Class" ="ppm_button"

Default script folder:

Project Professional 2010 v14.0.6+CA Clarity PPM Microsoft Project interface


files related to Clarity/MSproject

When project is Saved to Clarity the mpp file is uploaded and stored in Clarity server
(PRDOCUMENT table  as BLOB information)

 Plugin for Ms Project files and folders

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Clarity\CA Clarity PPM MSPInterface
C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Clarity\CA Clarity PPM Schedule Connect
file .VSTO
(Visual Studio Tools for Office) Visual Studio add-in (project templates)

C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Clarity\CA Clarity PPM MSPInterface\data

to know which  version of Schedule connect is installed:
 java -cp "C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Clarity\CA Clarity PPM Schedule Connect\lib\version.jar" com.niku.tools.VersionNumber

i.e output : Niku 13.0.1 Build 0102
                  Niku 12.1.2 Build 1260

info about last open projects and local path with mpp file

database connection data (host, login, port...

Openworkbench Advanced

***Openworkbench 1.1.6
Requires Java version 1.5 or later

***Openworkbench 2.0
Requires Java 1.7?


This software is an  interface between web browser and OpenWorkbench, so if our web browser cannot open project in OWB, you have to associate  MIME type to SCHEDLINK. 

SchedLink.exe" sched.nikusl  (by default Silent mode)
SchedLink.exe" /s /d  (setup with output)

Old path
"C:\Program Files\Clarity\Schedule Connect\bin\SchedLink.exe" sched.nikusl /d

New path
"C:\Program Files (x86)\CA\Clarity\CA Clarity PPM Schedule Connect\bin\SchedLink.exe" sched.nikusl /d

/s (setup in silent mode)
it just associate  NIKUSL object to Schedlink (Internet  Explorer)
(Registry: HKCR\MIME\Database\Content Type\application/nikuscheduler\Extension=.nikusl)

/d show output log to c:\SchedLink.log

 Openworkbench/MSP conection file (sched.nikusl)

A project is associated to a specific Scheduler by attribute "Scheduler Format"(Eng) or "Formato del programador" (Spa) (ID: prformat)

Available from UI, Schedule, Tracking

Depending of scheduler associated to a project, downloaded sched/sched.nikusl file will have one of following values:

sched = npWorkbench
sched = msp

Example of MSP (sched.nikusl) received from Clarity.
file = Projname
repo = NIKU
app = null
session = 7594029__D65BAB9D-5B2D-48DC-B282-9CC65AE806D5
projectId = 6037252
driver = HTTP
url = https://myserver.myclarity.es/niku
sslLoginURL = null
sslHandling = SSL_FULL
userName = username
readWrite = false
sched = msp

Example of OWB file received from Clarity.

file = conection_test
repo = NIKU
app = null
session = 35022901__-b554f40:124971fe3a2:-78d61258623780532
projectId = 5203045
driver = HTTP
url = http://my.clarityserver.company.com:8080/niku
sslLoginURL = null
sslHandling = SSL_NONE
userName = username
readWrite = true
sched = npWorkbench

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