martes, 11 de junio de 2013

Clarity - partition - lookup and mappings

  How to use partitioned values in a static list lookup with attribute mappings

I am writing this short procedure because I think it is quite interesting and I didn't see any document about it. For instance, it can be done with out of the box "Investment Status Indicator"   attribute

Attribute Name: Status Indicator

It is possible to create values associated to partitions from lookup "Values"

However, from object attribute I cannot see the lookupvalues if they are associated to "Mipartition:Partition and descendants"
If we change to "Partition, ancestors and descendants" then we can see them from mappings and map  with colors

with Partition, ancestors and descendants

But now the values are available for non partition views and users. :(
So, We change values to "Mipartition:Partition and descendants"
Now, partitioned values are not available for system views :)
But from partition views, these values are available and can be selected. :)

Note that at the moment from the attribute we can see all the mappings but those two associated to partition values will appear without value associated. It is only a visual effect and in the database they are configured well, in fact if we would reconfig values to "Partition, ancestors and descendants" they automatically will be displayed in mappings list  :)

with Partition and descendants

If you have  an error "HTTP 500 Internal server error"when editing from  Project List whereas same action from a system view works fine. Go to partition views and click Publish (it will restore user view customization).

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