jueves, 11 de julio de 2013

XML- Map data to XML for XOG

XOG-in CSV data to a Clarity custom object

Using Mapforce2013 *
*Mapforce2013Enterprise (rel2sp2) [commercial app]
With installation folder it can be used as a portable app.
Registration is computer dependent (C:\ProgramData\Altova\MapForce2013)

In order to generate a xml to xog-in

  • Add schema file(xsd)
    •   ../xsd/nikuxog_customObjectInstance.xsd
  • Add csv or xslx (xslx better to display column headers)
    •  Config. rows level, "Show separate items for columns"

  • Config at XSD
    •  Attributes content is inside tag ColumnValue
    • Add a duplicate of ColumnValue per each attribute to map
    • map attribute name to "name" element in Schema
    • map content to "text()" element in Schema
  • Map columns and constants to Schema
    •  map Row number to xsd element with iteration (sequence)
    •  map columns to xsd elements

Mapforce mapping

  • Menu: Output, Save Output file, (xml file to xog-in)
  • Edit in xml file to correct local paths, i.e.  xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="../../xsd/nikuxog_customObjectInstance.xsd"
*Clarity date attribute is in format yyyy-mm-ddT00:00:00 and will be xogout including time but format yyyy-mm-dd is supported for xogin

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